Hey there! So I have finally gotten around to putting together some things for the FAQ that has been empty for so long. :) As always if you ever have any questions just ask. You can always leave comments on here, and or chat with me on Social Media. Links to all of those are those nice little glittery buttons to your right. :) So now lets cover some questions!

What Base and Top Coat do you use?
      I use Seche Vite Base Coat and their Fast Dry Top coat most often. I do every now and then use Essies Gel Setter Top Coat, and Takko Lacquers Top Coat, along with Zoyas Naked Manicure Base coat. However if I don't specify then I am using Seche Vite.

Are your nails real?
      Yes, these are 100% my real nails. When I am out and about that is always something people ask so I thought it would be good to cover.

How do you keep your nails so nice?
      I take care of them. I don't ever cut my nails. I always file my nails and try to keep them the same length. If you are filing your nails remember to only file in one direction. :)

What do you use on your cuticles?
      At the moment for my cuticles I am loving Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter from Lush. Its amazing! I use it daily. :)

How long does it take to do your nails?
   Honestly there is no set answer for this question. It varies from design to design. Plus while I do my nails that is usually when I get on IG and catch up and post my nails for that day. So sometimes i do get side tracked. Also on nights where I am filming a tutorial that usually takes longer. :)

How do you not mess up your nails in between coats?
   Haha, well I don't always. For the most part though I am just super careful. Plus when doing art I will do my hands one at a time. That usually helps for when putting on designs. Just for the fact you don't have to worry about both hands while painting one. :)

to be continued.........