Sweater Weather Pictorial

Hello! So today I have a little pictorial for ya'll of my nails from my last blog post! So let's get started!!


Grey Nail Polish-I used Essie's Power Clutch

Thin Paint Brush-mine is just one I found at Hobby Lobby

Small Dotter or toothpick if you don't have a dotter

Acrylic paint

Left to Right in photo

1) Prep your nails as you do normally put on your base coat and then your base color! A grey polish is perfect! For these in particular I used Essie's Power Clutch.

2) Paint 2 straight lines with a teal acrylic paint as pictured.

3) Now inbetween those two lines make a white plus sign with acrylic paint.

4) On each end of the plus sign use your white acrylic paint again and make little V's.

5) Now in the empty part of the Plus Sign make two lines coming out and connect them at a point. So now you will have a diamond like shape.

6) At the top of each "diamond" make a little white line going straight out.

7) Now on the end of the line you made in step 6 use your dotter (or toothpick) and put a white dot there on each end!

8) Now add a red dot to the middle of your Snowflake! 

Now you have a sweater like nail! Just add your top coat and you are good to go!! You could even just use that nail as an accent nail, or you could add fun designs to the rest like I did below!


I really loved these nails for some odd reason! 

Hope you all enjoyed this! Also since I have never shared a tutorial with y'all I should now mention.... If any of you recreate my nails or use a tutorial of mine you may use #Sweetpeainspired on Instagram so I can see!! Also remember if y'all have any questions feel free to ask! 

Happy painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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