Hello! I am Sarah, the creator, the illustrator, and design behind everything 25 Sweetpeas. Most all of my work is inspired and motivated by the ocean, and I love making everything beachy! If I am not found out on the beach I am probably at home creating with lots of coffee, and breaking for play time with our dog who I love oh so much! I know some would think that's a frivolous little detail, but I think its important, and oh so important to a happy life!

I started 25 Sweetpeas in 2012 as a Nail Instagram, and then in 2015 it turned in a blog, all about nails, and in 2016 It became a Youtube Channel too! As time progressed and things evolved, I rediscover my love of art beyond nails and in 2019, the focus of 25 Sweetpeas started to shift! I slowly stepped back from nail art in 2020, and focused on swatching for nail polish brands and sharing to my swatching Instagram, and swatching on YouTube, while doing nail art occasionally. 

In 2021 I fully shifted to sharing art of all mediums on Instagram and putting more about my art onto the blog here as well! Its been fun, and I look forward to launching an online shop for 25 Sweetpeas soon!

Right now I am enjoying creating others dream brand identities and making art with purpose and important meaning. I am working on getting into art licensing, and look forward to fully diving into the art world.

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