About Me

Hey there!

First off thanks for visiting my blog and welcome to 25 Sweetpeas! I am Sarah the girl behind it all who may have a slight obsession with nail polish, art, makeup, music, beaches, palm trees, oh and pineapples! You can't forget about the pineapples!

I illustrate everything you see here on the website, and have been working on widening my horizons when it comes to creating art which you will see a lot more of this year!

I am in my 20s and a full time college student who also blogs and creates Youtube videos! Beyond those things I love going out and taking photos and visiting neat places in my wonderful home town in Florida!

On the blog you are really going to find a mix of things! I started off in 2015 with a main focus of nail art but have since branched out and started to go beyond and its been a lot of fun. In 2017 I stepped up my Youtube game as well and now have videos going up 3 days a week! :) I love doing it all, and  I love sharing it with you! As of 2020, I have started to add a lot more art into my life and will be continuing this through out the year.

Hope you enjoy it all, and while we are at it I thought it would be fun to give some random tidbits!

1. I write fiction as a hobby!

2. I kind of like baking, I like the eating part but not the clean up! LOL (Story of all bakers right?)

3. I have a little "sister" named Dixie! The best Cavalier King Charles Ever! (Pictures Below)

4. Music, I love music. It always has to be on no matter what I am doing. The more you read the blog you will notice it from all of the random references.

5. I really enjoy watching swatch video, and vlogs on Youtube. LOL, random I know but....

Well that is it I think! If there is anything you are curious about let me know! :) You can find me on basically every social media under @25Sweetpeas!

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