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Shop 25 Sweetpeas is inspired by my passion for anything and everything tropical and my love of dogs. As an artist I am constantly inspired and motivated by the ocean, well and cute dogs, and coffee too but ya know! So when creating the shop element of 25 Sweetpeas I tried to merge all of those things together, and here we are!

Shop 25 Sweetpeas sells dog accessories, as well as human accessories all inspired by the Tropical Lifestyle and 100% designed by me. All of our print/patterns are originals. At the moment we have Pet Scarves, Pet Waste Bag Holders, Scrunchies and stickers and I am SO excited about it. In the future we will be expanding to paper goods, and even art prints!

Visit the Shop - https://www.etsy.com/shop/25Sweetpeas

In addition to having really cute products as a brand we are doing all we can to think about the environment first! 

  • All of our packaging is recyclable. 

             - Paper Products can be recycled as normal

            - Our Polymailers are a Code 4, so check your local recycling restrictions, it can be recycled wherever plastic bags are taken. Check your local grocery store, or Target for a drop off spot.

  • Our fabric is ethically sourced, and made in the United States. Its made with eco-friendly dyes and minimal water usage. 

As a brand that also loves pets and spoiling them, we also plan to use our platforms to share helpful pet information. We want the best for all of the pets, and for all pets to live a long healthy life.

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