My Nail Care Routine


Hello! Today I have decided I would share a bit of my nail health care routine when prepping for a mani!

When I started nail art I would just take off my polish and push back my cuticles and repaint. Now that I care a lot more about my nails, I do a lot more to keep my hands/nails looking nice!

Now I am going to take you through what I do!

First off when prepping for a mani I take off all of my polish so I can start with a clean slate. After I get all of my polish off I like to file my nails just a little bit that way each time I paint my nails they stay about the same length. Of course this may vary depending on if I am doing my nails one day after another. But I would say I file down a bit at least once a week to keep them the same length.

After this I use my favorite True Blue Spa Hand Scrub from Bath and Body Works. This I use about once a week when I go all out for nail care!


I follow the directions from the side, I dampen my hands and then apply and massage it on my hands and into my cuticles! Then after a couple of minutes I wash it off with a little bit of soap. Occasionally I will use some lotion after. Then I will go back to my nail desk and use my cuticle pusher backer from Sally Hansen.


Then after that I like to use my ELF cuticle pen that I recently found at Target for $1!! 


Now you don't have to use all of these on one day. I typically use the hand scrub and then just my cuticle pusher backer on one day of the week. Then on the other days when I don't have time for the full routine I use the ELF cuticle pen. :) We only found it a month or so ago but I will have to say I love it! Such a good deal too! Thinking we are going to need multiple! Ha, one for my nail area, one for by the couch, and hey why not one for the purse!! :) 

Now after I am done with all of this I go over my nails once again with the nail polish remover just so I know for sure my nails are oil free. If you don't do this your polish may not apply as well. You could have bubbles, and or early chipping, or peeling. Pretty sure none of us want that! ;) 

Then after my nails are oil free I apply my favorite Base coat!! Seche Vite is my all time favorite base coat and top coat. Within the years I have done nail art I have tried many brands and Seche was the best one!

The base and top coat are just perfect! A great thing about the top coat too is that it dries pretty quick and it does not smear your art!! Woohoo!!

Now back to nail care! ;) So I apply my base and begin painting when it is dry!

Here is a pic of my nails all clean and based after my nail care routine!


Nothing better then healthy clean nails ready for art! :) Just makes me happy!

Now all of this is just what works for me, it may not work for everyone but I hope it may help someone out there! If you have any questions or you want to talk to me about nail care leave me a comment below! Message me on Instagram, or tweet me! Whatever works and I would be happy to help with what I can!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


  1. Great post! And super informative! I've been wanting to get the elf cuticle pen but I can't find it! Was it in the section with all the elf brushes at target?

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked it!! And yes I found it with the brushes! It even comes in one of the bags that the brushes come in also!😊

    2. Hmm... I'll keep an eye out for it! I definitely want to try it out -- and only a dollar?! Um, yes.


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