Top Nails of January

Hello! Happy Feburary, wow were did January go? Seems like it was just New Years Eve and we just came into 2015! Wow, too quick!

So to start off this month I decided to create a post about my favorite nails in Janurary! Still may make some individual posts of each for y'all if you are interested though because I think this past month was a pretty good nail month! So let's get started! 

I would try to do this in a certain order you know favorite at the start and then work my way down but honestly I like them all for different things. There are many different categories that just don't make them comparable. Therefore here are my top nails of January in no particular order!

First off I did some geometric nails! Hadn't done anything geometric really ever on my nails. Something that is supposed to have straight lines scares me slightly! Ha, by no means are they perfect but I like them! Oh and I loved this China Glaze green! Grass is Lime Greener is a beauty! Will have to share more about it later!

Another neon design! I love bright colors! So these nails with the stripe floral I really liked! They were fun, and not too intimidating when I was actually painting them. My only thing is, is that they were sooo much prettier in person. The color looks nothing like the actual color in the photo. Believe it or not this color is actually a pink, but it shows up as an orangey coral.

Ok, now these are now in my all time favorites!! I got these amazing leggings for Christmas and they are a tribal print and well of course I had to match my nails! Ha, they are soo much fun, and I love getting inspiration from clothing. These ,like I said before, will for sure be a top mani for awhile! Tribal nails are nails I always love to see people do. Not sure why exactly but I love them. So this year I am going to try and improve my tribal manis!

These were just some quick nails I did this month because I just needed to do my nails! I wasn't a fan of them at first but after awhile I started to like them a lot! I have a weak spot for snow I guess!!:)

Ahh, a floral unlike any other mani I have ever done! So I saw some cute mugs on Pinterest and well I had to turn them into nails! Again these were the "ehh not so sure about these" nails but I have to say I really like them. They are sooo different from anything I have done, so I am glad I tried something new!

Another mani of "I don't have much time, it's late, but I need to paint!". Just something fun and simple I came up with quickly. I really love this Zoya color! Giovanna is a beauty!! So hard to use in art because it is to pretty to paint on too of.

Another fashion inspired mani! These were inspired by a new shirt from Christmas. Kind of a cheetah/tiger theme going on. For sure not your traditional cheetah mani but I like that about it!

Art wise not the best by far, but they are for one of my favorite TV shows so I liked them just for that! Love A to Z! Really hope it gets picked up by another network or something. Really want to get to Z!!

Love these! That's it, by far one of my favorite florals I have ever done!! They are so fun and they were soooo fun to do! When you have a mani that is fun to paint, and you love the outcome it is just the best feeling!!

These are ok, I feel like compared to everything I did this month these will kind of just be forgotten, but who knows. They are different and fun but just not "WOW"!

I like these! They are something I have always liked on others and I finally did them myself! There will be more on these later this week!!

Super Bowl nails! My favorite Super Bowl nails I have ever done, and yesterday I was planning on taking them off and working on something new but I liked them to much!! Ha, I know we didn't win but it was a good game I suppose! Atleast it was a close ending!!

Now that is all of my art for January! Feel like it was a pretty good art month, what do you all think? What was your favorite from this past month!?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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