Mani Swap with ChristaBell Nails!

Hello! Today for you all I have a mani swap done with the wonderful ChristaBell Nails! 

Here is my recreation of her lovely nails! Funny story actually, so I was painting them and then halfway through I decided to go read more about then and turns out they were a stamp so there I am tryin to hand paint a stamp design! Crazy me!! They were really fun though, so that's all that really matters. :)


For these I used two shades of purple for my gradation. By the looks of the polishes in the bottles I wasn't sure how they would look on but I am really happy with the outcome! I used Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth, and Wet N' Wild On a Trip. Now a few more pics! 

Next up I have the official "Mani Swap" photo!! 

The left column are my nails, and then the right are ChristaBells! She recreated my flower mani from last summer that I did inspired by an artist I follow onInstagram. She did a lovely job! Hers are so cute and whimsical. :) Thanks again for inviting my ChristaBell! Now she does lovely work so if you aren't familiar with her work you will want to check her out here....

Hope you all enjoyed these! I really enjoyed doing these, they were very fun! Also I would like to inform you all that the tutorial page actually has tutorials on it! If you have any suggestions/requests on what type of tutorials you would like to see let me know! You never know your suggestion could be picked and put up! :)

Well that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed these, now going to go paint!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea



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