Watercolor Easter Eggs

Hello! Hope you all are having a wonderful day. :) Today for you guys I have a watercolor mani topped with Easter eggs! They were inspired by an Easter gift card at Starbucks. Love finding nail inspiration everywhere!


I know it's a bit hard to see the eggs on this pastel background, but it's the best photo I got. :( 
I really like the abstract ness of these! Haha!! Very simple to do and yet it looks like a lot of time.

To achive this look I painted on one coat of a white polish. For this I used Zoya Snow White. Then I used 4 different acrylic paints, Yellow, Purple, Pink, and a minty color. I watered them down and used a flat paint brush to streak them onto my nails. I tested on paper before I put it on my nail with each color just so I knew I wasn't getting to much on the brush/nail. Then that dried really quick like a matte polish, and then I added the white outlines of the Easter Eggs! So here is a photo with just the base.

I think it's a really fun base and could be used for many types of art! So what so you think of this water color base?

Well before I end this post here is one last picture with the full design!

Hope you all enjoyed these and I would love to hear what you all think of these! :)

Happy Painting!

25 Sweetpea


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