Earth Day 2015

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Happy Earth Day! We live on such a beautiful planet and I love doing things to help it! We recycle a lot and now it feels weird to go somewhere else and throw something away where at home I would recycle it. I know it sounds weird but it's just so! So in honor of Earth Day I have a Earth inspire mani!

An abstract Earth! For this look I used Zoya Ling as my base. Then to get the globe look I used the Saran Wrap method and added my green on. On top of that I watered down some white acrylic paint and added what would be the clouds all over Earth.

On the other 2 fingers I used some stud from the Born Pretty Store. 

They came in a mix of all shapes and colors! Super fun mix! Also super easy to use. I have a little "pick up" tool that came with rhinestones a long time ago that I used to fish out what I was looking for. I for sure would recommend something like that. It's very helpful! This little package is full of fun, and it comes with a lot. When looking around in the package I did notice a few of the studs were damaged. Maybe 3-4 so not many at all! 


They worked perfectly for this design! I was really hesitant to do this design at all but I am really happy I did because I ended up liking them!

So what do you all think!? Also if y'all are interested in the assortment of studs I got mine from you can find them HERE

Oh and I have a discount code y'all can use over at the Born Pretty Store. Use 25SPW10 for 10% off! They have free world wide shopping as well so that's really neat!

Another thing I should clue you in on is Zoyas Earth Day Exchange. I haven't done it before but I am thinking about it this year. Its such a good deal and as you all know I love Zoya! So for more details on that check out Zoyas site HERE.

Well I hope y'all enjoyed these nails! Also I hope you have a good Earth Day! 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea

Promo code is purely for my readers benefit it is not an affiliate link in any way.


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