Takko Lacquer Swatches & Review 1

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Hello, today for you all I have my first swatch of a new to me brand, Takko Lacquer. This will be the first of a little post series of swatches I will be sharing.

So first off here is a bit of info about Takko Lacquer.

Takko Lacquer is a artisan polish made with Earth friendly minerals. Each bottle is hand mixed/poured and made in small batches. The polish is 5 Free and 100% cruelty free! Oh and it is "Born in the USA" ,as the bottle says, and to be more specific right here in Florida! So when the creator asked me to swatch I was very excited, and couldn't pass her offer up! So let's see what I have in store for you! 

For this post I will only be sharing one polish due to the fact it is a special one and needs a lot of photos. The rest will be coming soon, I promise!


 Cheshire Cat - a purple thermal polish that changes to pink in warm temps filled with golden shimmer.

There are no words to describe how amazing this polish is! I am in love with it! It was super easy to work with, only took 2 coats, and I mean just look at it! It's stunning! Also with the polish I noticed the brush was a bit bigger than most that I use but I have to say I loved it! It was perfect for getting clean lines in the cuticle area. Now this is my first thermal actually so I wasn't sure and kept wondering "Do you put top coat on thermal polishes?" and I learned that you can! So if you were wondering now ya know! 

So if you aren't familiar with Thermal polishes, they are polishes that change colors with different temperatures. So for this polish in the bottle it appears to be a lovely shimmery purple, but when you have it on your nails and it has dried it becomes a shimmery pink, as pictured above.
Now if you run your nails in tap water it begins to change!

It's like an automatic gradation! I just love it!!! Then when your nails have fully been in the water it turns into this...


A beautiful deep purple shimmer! How amazing is that?! I am seriously in love with it!


Now I put this polish on, on Wednesday so I could wear it for a bit and see how it acts. I am very glad I did too, because I learned if you are in the car and have AC on and your hands are near the vent your polish will turn purple! It's so fascinating, and in the sunlight it is SOO sparkly. Just amazing! Also I was in Winn Dixie and I was freezing and my nails turned the deepest purple I have ever seen from this polish! I did get a photo but it's not the best so... I may share it on Instagram later! ;) I have recently taken it off of my "swatching hand" and it was super nice to take off as well. No staining, no little micro glitter all over my skin. :)  I will be keeping it on my non dominant hand and see how long it lasts and how it wears, and I will let you all know!

Overall my first experience with Takko Lacquer has been wonderful! Cheshire Cat is a new favorite of mine for sure! Now I am looking forward to trying the rest of my new ones and sharing as quick as I can with you all! 

Be sure to visit Takko Lacquer on their site here as well as...

Also, on Instagram I will be sharing a video so you can see the sparkle in movement as well as a video of the polish actually changing!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing this polish as much as I enjoyed using it and wearing it! Let me know what you all think!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea

*All computer screens show colors differently so when looking at polished on a computer screen keep that mind. I have noticed on mine they seem to appear to pull a red color in that is obsolete when I look at these photos say on my phone screen. So sadly no computer screen will show it absolutely like it looks in person.


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