BPS Review : Anchors Away!

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Hello, happy weekend! Today go you all I have another review for you with some cute little anchors from the Born Pretty Store!

With these anchors I decided to go with a girly nautical look! I feel like I just did your traditional nautical look so I changed it up some, and made it so maybe it will match what I wear today while on a boat ride for sunset! ;) 

Now let's talk about the anchors! They have a nice silver finish with a right and a wrong side so when applying them you must be careful! I really love the look of them! I have a weird liking for anchors! Lol!! Not even sure why. :) If you read my last review, I mentioned how the packaging was a bit difficult, same goes for these! They anchors are very flexible and when getting them out of the sticky bag it's VERY easy to deform them. I would love to see these in a zipper bag or the little round containers. :) Also when these anchors arrived they were bigger than what I had expected! Which I was actually happy about, and yet not at the same time. Due to their size you don't have as much freedom to put them on any spot of your nail. I tried it in a corner/off to the side because I was going to paint a rope on but it won't sit on that curved surface! So with these you really should plan on putting them in the center like I tried! 

Polish wise for this look I used...

Zoya - Blu
China Glaze - Petal to the Metal
China Glaze - Techno (Big glitters)
SpaRitual - Charleston 

Last night when I did these I wasn't really sure about this look but now I am liking them! What do you all think? I love this glitter combination! Its mixing two of my favorite glitters. 

Now if you are interested in these anchors you can find them HERE . Also BPS recently put out an app that you can use to order and they put up special deals on there. One really neat thing about BPS is that they always have free shipping AND for my readers/followers you can use 25SPW10 for 10% off your purchase. So if you are interested in the anchors be sure and check all of that out! :)
Well I really hope you enjoyed these, let me know what you all think!
Happy Painting!
~25 Sweetpea


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