4th Of July Water Marble

Hello, hope y'all are having a lovely day! It's rainy so it's an inside day. No beach :(   These days it's either too hot or rainy. Not cool, but we really need the rain, so I guess it's ok!;)

Well I have decided to begin the patriotic nails! So today I have the first ones of the season! 

Decided to be brave again and try out some tedious things! Glitter placement and water marble again.

I'm not really loving these. I love them each as accent nails just not all together! I recycled the silver nail from my last blog post and added the glitters. So here are the polishes I used...

SpaRitual Charleston 
Color Club Nameless
Clinque Nameless
China Glaze Fairy Dust

The glitters that I placed are from the Born Pretty store. If you remember right awhile back I used them and made an American flag as an accent nail.

The more I look at them the more I like them actually. I still think together it's a bit much, but I like them a lot more this morning verses last night when I did them.

The glitter nail is just really fun!

Here is a close up of my water marble nail! I'm having fun practicing them actually! Water marbles are so pretty and I really want to be able to do them so just going to keep up practicing!

And here is the glitter nail! Super fun to do and wear! So fun!:D

So what do you all think of these nails? Hope you like them! Also I have seen some blogger recently making post about their favorite music to listen to and I am thinking about making one. I am a HUGE music fan and I always listen to it while painting, and editing, and writing blog posts. I am thinking it may be fun to write about what I've been listening to lately while painting. What do you all think? I know I love seeing nail videos on IG and hearing what music was picked! I know it sounds silly but I love it! Well until next time! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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