Pure Ice: Swatches & Review Part 1

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Hello! Today for you I have some swatches and some reviews of some of the newer Pure Ice colors. So let's get started!

First off we have Viva Las Vegas. In the bottle it appears to be nude with a gold shimmer to it, which is pretty! On my nails I'm not as much of a fan, just due to the clash of skin tone, so if you are interested in this polish don't order it online, go to the store and try it with your skin tone! :) Always better safe than sorry! The polish had a nice easy to work with formula and seemed to apply evenly. To get full coverage I needed at least 2 coats as a minimum. It will depend a lot on how thick your coats are! Over all for this color I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. 

Next we have Mint Dream! Now I love the name but not sure why it is called that, to me that just doesn't fit this polish but that's me! ;) So this polish was just not good. On the bottle it says 2 coats and I don't know how anyone would get it to show in 2 coats! One coat barely looked like anything! Same with 2 coats, pictured is 3 coats but really I think 4 coats would be needed, but it was just getting too thick and not drying very well, so I stopped at 3. To me the mix of a nude and mint shimmer is just a bit odd. I don't really care for this mix, but if I were to try it again I would not do it solo! I would layer it on top of a different color to get a neat look! It may actually look really neat over a black and adding some flakies!

Now we have Oui Oui, Ballet Slippers. This polish shows in the bottle to be an ivory. The formula for this polish was not impressive. It was extremely milky, streaky, and had absolutely no self leveling. The picture shows 3 coats and I still feel like I can see some streaky spots.  I will have to admit I'm really disappointed by this polish, if it had been good it would of made a great base for art!

Next we have our last one for today, Shimmer Wing Iris (Topper), which I put on top of Wet N Wild I need a refresh-mint. I really liked this topper, and I feel like it went really well on this Wet N Wild! It added some really nice blue, green, and purple shimmer! The topper has a nice formula too! It went on very evenly and distributed the shimmer very nicely! This topper is very fun and nice! :)

Well that is part one for you! Part two will be out tomorrow with the rest of the polishes pictured at the very top! Hope you all enjoyed and learned something's from this post!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea 


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