Black & Yellow Floral

Hello! First off, so sorry about my lack of posts this week. I was not planning it at all but things just became to busy, and I haven't had time really to paint! I did end up doing a Instagram Exclusive mani this week. Which was fun to do! :) 

This week I have had my consumed with the best concert I have ever been too. It was the best night ever for sure! Concerts just make me so happy! :) Always the happiest when I am at one with my best friend. ;)

Today for you I have a Bestie Twin nails look that I got to do with Jenna of Polish Pals! We have been IG friends for a LONG time so it was great to finally get to work with each other on something! :)

We did a fun black and yellow floral! I typically wouldn't think to do these colors together but she found a super cute print that we based them off of, and I really like it! I haven't done a floral in such a long time! It was nice! 

Here is the "group" picture with the inspiration as well! I think they both turned out really good! Be sure to head over to her blog and check hers out HERE.

Here is an up close picture of the floral! I used yellow acrylic paint because believe it or not I only have a yellow pastel polish! I should probably try and find a good real yellow polish!


The black I used is Zoya Willa. The silver is SpaRitual Charleston. The white is Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

Overall I really like this look its been a while since I have done a look like this so it's nice, and refreshing! Thanks so much Jenna for collaborating with me!!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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