Zoya's Naked Manicure

Image Credit to Zoya

Hello! So today I have a post all about Zoyas new Naked Manicure. So I am sure you have all heard about it by now. It's all over the place! So I recently ordered it to use on a friend and have now tried it out myself!

For those of you who prefer a nice French manicure, this is perfect! It gives you the nice look of a French but even more natural. For all the real specific on this full out kit click HERE. It will show you everything you need to know or may want to know. Today I am going to share my thoughts and experience with it.

I ordered the Women's Starter kit.

It comes with a total of 4 different treatments.

I will list them from Left to Right. So it starts with the Naked Base, the Perfector(2 coats), White Tip Perfector, and then the Satin Seal.

That is the order you use them in as well.

Now let's start with my before picture! For this I used my Right hand! :) I know right!! You never see that one! So don't laugh! My pose looks so odd since I'm not used to this hand being in photos! ;) This hand is a bit different than the one you normally see. One nail usually has peeling issues and so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity!

So here it is! They look a little ridged and they don't grow as nice as my other hand, plus the white are a bit funky. After this photo I did my cuticles, buffed my nails, and smoothed any snagging edges. Then I began with 4 step treatment!

Here is what they looked like after! This would look fabulous on my other hand! My lines aren't that wonderful on this hand since I did it all free handed!

I feel like they look a lot better though! I'm really happy with the results! I feel like they look very natural and clean. Now after wearing it with the satin finish for a bit I noticed it dented easily. Therefore I put my normal shiny topper, Shiny will always bey fave topper! 

Now my plan is to wear this for the week. Now if it chips before the week is up it will come off but I want to see how long it lasts and if I can see a long term difference when I take it off. Just an experiment! 

Now here is a side by side so you can really see the difference! I reall like the look! I did these late last night, and I will be honest this morning doing stuff it's weird to not have a color on both hands but the look fake. So having my real nails look fake is kind of fun :)!! 

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post! It's a unique one and I think it's really neat when lines like this come out to help make your nails healthy! Have any of you used this yet? What do you think?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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