Comparing Marsalas

Hello there everyone! So today I have decided I would compare 2 polishes that I bought since I thought they were Marsalas, and that is the color for 2015. Well and the fact that I like the color! ;) It's my favorite winter/fall color especially when worn with teal! Not sure why I like it so much, but I do. ;) 

The two polishes I am going to show together below are Zoya Liz and Urban Outfitters Bombay Funk. Both of which I love on their own! They are both great polishes, great formula, color, and everything. Independently they are both perfect!

All of that being said they are not dupes! The middle 2 fingers are Zoya Liz,  and the outer nails are UO Bombay Funk. To me Liz  is a bit more "rust" where Bombay Funk has a hint more purple or eggplant in it. Both of these colors would work for a Marsala polish, because when you look up Marsala you get a range of shades just like this with the different colors leaning more red or more purple. To me I think Liz matches more of my marsala clothing where Bombay Funk matched more of my Marsala accessories. I know that sounds odd but that's how it was when I checked! 

With that all being said do I think it's necessary to have both, are the different enough? To that I would say if you like these types of colors yes it's worth having both. They are different enough that if you are tying to match a certain something one of these will surely match. Now if you aren't typically into this color think about if you tend to like more red polishes or purples and then pick the one that falls in the color family you like more so! Now if you just aren't sure, but you know you want a Marsala and only want one I would suggest the UO Bombay Funk. I say that because if you aren't a big fan of marsala most likely you are just wanting it for few uses and I personally would not go buy a $9 if I'm only going to use it 1 or 2 times so I would do the $5 ( or 2 for $8) polish at UO firstSo it really all just comes down to personal preference. I love both colors and they are both great quality so as a nail polish lover having both is ideal! ;D haha!!

Well hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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