Gradations & Daisies

Hello! So guess what I did?! I did a gradation! I love gradations, and I feel like the last few times I did one they stunk, but I love this one! So expect lotsa pictures! ;D 

SO IN LOVE!!! First off these colors are just perfect, plus they make me look tan! ;D  For this look I used 2 new Urban Outfitters polishes that I got this week. The lighter one is called Picnic Peach and the bright one is called Love Letter. Last week was my first time using Urban Outfitters polishes and I went back and got four more this week!! I love them, and 2 for $8 that's just too hard to beat!!  

In this pic I am holding Picnic Peach. Which is a easy 2 coater, and it's gorgeous alone! I will swatch soon for yall! ;) 

On top of this gradation I used China Glaze Fairy Dust. I mean really what else would you too a gradation!;D Haha.

Told you I liked this look and there would be a lot of pics, and we aren't even done yet, because I have art!!! Ahh, love that this whole post is happy and positive! 

So art time?!

I added daisies on top and they were inspired by NailsbyCambria via IG. She has lovely work, if you aren't familiar with her you must check her out!

Ahh I just love them, they are so happy and bright, they just make me smile! I love happy nails, don't you?

So happy about these, and guess what ?! I have a tutorial! :D Plus for the music I just decided to use my favorite song since it makes me happy too! So check it out here...

What do you all think? Hope you al enjoyed this post, I sure did!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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