Neons, and Lines

Hello,  happy Friday night! :) I'm so sorry I feel like yes I have had a blog post up almost everyday as of recently, but not at a regular time. It seems like they keep getting delayed!:( Time to fix that this weekend though! Today's nails are inspired by a lovely mani I saw done by PamelaPomelo via Instagram.

They didn't turn out exactly like hers what so ever, but they are still kind of fun! I only took two pictures though sorry about that! Now for these I feel like I used a lot of polishes, so I am going to list all of the "colored" ones below. The white polish is my new favorite white, Urban Outfitters Optic White.

China Glaze - Grass is Lime Greener
China Glaze - At Vase Value
Color Club - Disco Dress
Color Club - Koo-Koo Cachoo
Color Club - Warhol

See what I mean, a lot of colors!;) All super great fun summer colors though! Well that is all for today's post! Going to go get ready for tomorrow's! I like tomorrow's nails, they are something I have never done before so should be interesting! ;) Hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know what you all would like to see this weekend! Next week I am going to start the #31DC2015! I have never been able to really participate so this should be interesting for sure! 😃

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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