Picnic Peach Polka Dots

Hello there everyone! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!:) It was nice here but I know many in other areas of the world are having some really bad weather, so I hope you all stay safe, and aren't affected! On a brighter note today for you all I have a swatch and some really simple art.

Today's swatch is of the lightest color in the other days gradation, it's called Picnic Peach, by Urban Outfitters. 

I really do like this color ALOT! It's gorgeous, and the formula was really nice! Most polishes that I use that are in the color family/intensity I find take 3+ coats. This one only takes 2 and it self levels pretty well. I was/am impressed with this polish! Plus it is lovely on! 

Recently I have become obsessed with dots on my toes for nail art on them, so this is the combo I have on them, and decided to match them! That never happens, but they are going to match for maybe 24 hours! ;D Haha!

I just used acrylic paint for the dots and then a medium sized dotter. Super simple, and easy! I usually only have dots on one nail as an accent nail but I went a little crazy! ;)

I really love this combo. It has such a summery feel, which I love! Summer is my favorite season by far! Even though I do love winter clothes, big sweaters and leggings are the best! It's hard to go to the store right now and see all the fall clothing out especially when you walk out of the store and it's like 102°, I mean really how can I even think about wearing a sweater!  

Last photo for these nails, and I don't have a tutorial this time! So what do you all think of this simple look? Oh also I would love to hear what you all would like to read about on here, or what type of tutorials you would like to see! I plan on kicking things up a notch and working on more posts/tutorials so just let me know what you want to see! Also I'm considering doing another "live chat" session! It will take place on Instagram some time this week, we haven't had one in a long time and the first one was so much fun, so I thought hey why not! ;) I always love getting to chat with you all! Well hope you all have a lovely rest of your weekend, talk to you soon!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea


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