Day 1: Red #31DC2015

Hello, happy September! Crazy right, I can't believe it! Also today is the first day of #31DC2015 ! Today's theme is red, and it's a Bestie Twin Nails for me! So big exciting day for nail thing! Oh and I have a tutorial.:) A very full post today. So let's start with the solo shot!

For this look I used Zoya Sooki, as my red, topped with Color Club Snowflakes. Then the white is Urban Outfitters Optic White. To get the flowers watery I watered down red acrylic paint. The tutorial will be at the very end of this post! :)

I really like how these turned out! :) 

As I mentioned earlier these were done as Bestie nails with JourNAILism! First off I just love her name! How fun is it, a great play on words, it's really perfect! Plus all of her nails are just wonderful!

So here is our Collab photo! I feel like they both turned out really well, and in this pic you can see what we were inspired by! If you aren't already following her you must check her out! There are links below...

Now tutorial time! So happy this tutorial worked, I love making them and I hope to make more soon!:)

As always if you have any questions or any thing let me know! :) Below I have a list of this months challenge, ChalkBoard Nails puts this on every year so if you have questions about the challenge directly I would suggest heading over to her site HERE.
Well I hope you all enjoyed today post! So happy to be starting off this challenge, and I can't wait to continue it! :) Check back daily for the latest theme. :)
Happy Painting, and Good Luck to all participate in #31DC2015!
~25 Sweetpeas


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