Day 12: Stripes #31DC2015

Hello! Happy Saturday, I'm just super excited about the blog today! So first off I today we have a Fall Favorites collaboration post with a great friend of mine that went up at 11:30AM! So that should be fun, and I hope you all like it. On top of that I now have updated BUTTONS!! I know sounds silly that I am so excited about my "connect" buttons but... I had been looking for the right ones for so long, and I finally found them! Now you can finally find my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Blog Lovin all over in the side bar! Oh and they glitter! ;) I am just super excited about that! ALSO, the blog has hit 10K views! Which is just unbelievable! I was so excited when I saw that when I logged on! Made that night wonderful! Just fabulous! So to anyone who has ever visited my site, thank you so much! I really appreciate it! There are some really neat things coming soon! Ok moving on to what this post is actually supposed to be about! ;) 

Today's theme is STIPES! I will be completely honest, I stink at stripes. Plus striping tape and I are not friends. All of that being said... My stripes are not perfect! Hopefully with more practice they will get better, and maybe one day I will be able to film me doing them but at the moment there is no way I could film me doing them. :D My hand has to be in a super weird position so....

However I am loving this look! I got a bit brave and tried the triangle look that I love, but could never do! The only way I pulled it off was by being able to add the shapes on the side of the triangle! ;) they definitely helped! ;D Haha!! 

For this look I used my go to white at the moment, which is Urban Outfitters Optic White. Then the black is all acrylic paint! The lovely holo-y gold is Alchemist by Takko Lacquer. I just love this gold with the white and black. It's a great combo. It weird that I like gold polish because in my jewelry world I never wear gold! It's just not me, I'm a silver girl, but when it comes to polish I do love a good gold! This is for sure a favorite gold! I'm actually expecting a new gold in the mail later this month! I am getting Clockwork from the new ILNP line! So excited!! I love their polishes! I think if I had to pick my 3 guilty pleasure nail polish companies that I like to splurge on I would pick Takko Lacquer, ILNP, and Zoya! They are all just fabulous!

One last picture! Ahh, I really do like these!! All of the imperfections aside, they are just fun! What do you all think?! Well I hope you all enjoyed this post! Now off to work on some more blog related things! Currently working on some art for my little nail studio in my room! Hopefully my ideas I have in my head will turn out! Enjoy your Saturday!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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