Day 15: Delicate Print #31DC215

Hello! Happy Tuesday everyone, and happy Fast and Furious 7 release day to all of those excited about that! I will admit I am, I haven't seen it yet so I know what I will be doing tonight! ;) Today's theme is delicate print, and I wasn't really sure what to do since yesterday's mani was also what I would considered "delicate print". Plus it's hard to follow up a mani like that! They are by far my favorite fall nails I have EVER done!! It was really hard to take them off honestly! I really enjoyed wearing them! Today's nails however I also really like!

They were inspired by one nail done in a wonderful mani by @Nailuminium via Instagram. She did a wonderful fun floral a long time ago and one nail really stood out to me and that is what inspired this look! It's got a fun funky feel too it. Slightly paisley like, yet floral like too with a hint of Lilly Pulitzer. Over all just fun!

The base color for this look is Essie No More Film. I would have to say this is my favorite Essie formula wise! It's a great creme, and goes on so nicely. It's a 1-2 coater depending on how thick you do it. If you are doing art on top you can typically get away with just one coat since not all will be showing.

Once again, I did take a lot of pictures! ;) Also for all my detailing I used Acrylic paint!! I just find it much easier to work with for such small details, and it's allows more flexibility and more tool options. Plus it doesn't get goopy while using it. I do use nail polish for details from time to time but most often I use acrylic paint. Just for any of those who may be wondering!:)

Oh, and guess what?! I filmed a tutorial too it will be below the next picture! :)

Up close! Ok tutorial time! I apologize in advance, my camera freaked out when I was putting the pink on the lavender. Not really sure why, because later on it behaved. Strange! 

Well I really hope you all enjoyed these nails, and the tutorial! Be sure to let me know what you all think of these below!!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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