Day 6: Violet #31DC2015

Hello! Happy Sunday, and it's time for day 6 in the #31DC2015 challenge. Today's theme is.... VIOLET!!

For this look I used Takko Lacquer Xocomil which is the lavender. :) Only one coat. The black is Zoya Willa, and the silver is Essie Loophole. The black art was actually don't with a Ultra Fine Sharpie. I've never used sharpie on my nails before but it was a lot of fun! I actually made my thumb zentangle like, just when I was testing to see if it would work! :) I did learn that top coat doesn't really work that well with Sharpie though so I am not sure how this design will hold up! 

It's fun for sure! So I did film a tutorial for this but it is not up to my standards and it's just really shadowy. I typically don't film these detailed nails, but I did. However with that being said I am not going to post it on YouTube. You may be able to find it on Instagram later today though. :)

One last picture for today! What do you all think? Have you ever used Sharpie for Nail Art before? Any tips?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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