Themed Thursday October: Pumpkin

Hello! So this month I am going to be doing another fun challenge! This one is every Thursday, for sure a relaxing pace compared to the last one! :) First up is Pumpkin! 

I went a bit traditional and nothing to extravagant! This is actually the 2nd round of nail art today, so I've been a bit busy to say the least! :) The base color is a new polish I got this week at Urban Outfitters. It's called Flushed N Blushed. Its a great rusty fall color.

Here is the swatch photo of it. It was a super nice 2 coats. It leveled really well to! Over all I really like it! I look forward to doing a fall leaf mani on this! Should be fun!

Since this is the first post of this challenge I am going to post the challenge photo too! This challenge has been put together by Wondrously Polish and The Nail Art Challenge. Two of my favorite bloggers!

Well that is all for this post! Hope you all have enjoyed the art and the swatch! It's really a great fall look! I'm trying to get into a fall set of mind! :) Let me know what you all think!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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