#ThemedThursdayOct Treats or Tricks

Hello there! Guess what?! I have completed the #ThemedThursdayOct challenge!!! Yay!! This challenge was a big struggle just for the fact pretty much none of these themes were one I would do just because. They pushed me to try something new which is good. The more you challenge your self in nail art the more things you become open to, and end up finding new things you like. Not all the times, but sometimes. Today's theme is Tricks and Treats so I did some candy corn nail art.

Not a huge fan of these. If I redid these I would for sure use a different base. I had started a different candy design and things were going the way I wanted soooo... I took off that one nail and kept the blue base and just added the candy corn on top. So no this isn't my first choice of base color for this design. I think if this had been what I was planning to begin with I probably would of used a nude color or maybe a brown.

The base color I did use is Zoya Blue. The details were done with acrylic paint and I did make a tutorial so check that out later in this post! :) It is on my YouTube channel. 

I have recently decided that when it comes to art, sometimes a matte top coat just looks nicer. I never in a million years ever would of thought I would say that but really I have noticed some art just looks better mattified. Next up tutorial!

Well I hope y'all liked this post! Please let me know what you all think of these below! Plus suggest what you would like to see next. So really quick before I sign off for today here is a collage of the 4 manis from this challenge! 

What is your favorite out of these four? I think mine if the graveyard just because I love that combo of colors for the gradation!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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