First Penguins of the Season!

Hello lovelies, happy Monday, Cyber Monday! ;) Anyone find any good deals today? I am probably going to order some top coat, nothing to exciting but very important! Oh and maybe some Colourpop! I have recently started using them and well love what I have and well now I need more! ;) Well maybe not need but would like! ;) Haha!! Besides nails I do love some makeup too! So on to nails! Today I have the first penguin nail art of the season which makes me so happy!

I don't even know why but I really like penguins on PJ pants! You know the fuzzy ones? They are just so fun! :) Every Christmas Eve we get new PJs so we wake up on Christmas morning with all new PJs and so I have about 2 or so penguin pants! I love them! I did nails inspired by a certain pair a few years ago actually! I remember painting them in my PJs of course plus it was snowing and I was so happy with how they turned out! Ya know what?! Here I will show as a little flash back!:)

Wow! December of 2013!! It's amazing how I actually remember painting those!! Wow! Well back to today's nails! 

For these the black is Zoya Willa and then the glitter is China Glaze Twinkle Lights! The details were done with acrylic paint and I used my Berry Wine brushes from Winstonia and then I used my Espresso 20/0 for the filling in of the white! :) Which you will see all of that in the tutorial!

Next up is the tutorial and I am sorry in advance for the odd angle. I decided to try out a different way of filming in hopes to be able to film more detailed art but it didn't work! So going back to my old way after this one! 

Well I hope you all enjoyed that, and this post! I am so happy to be doing Christmas nail art! Its probably my favorite type of nail art to do! :) Let me know what y'all think and request what you would like to see next!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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