Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Please say you all just said that title in a Singy Songy voice?! Haha! I can't believe how fast this month is going! I mean really where has it gone!!! I'm suddenly like whoa Black Friday is NEXT week! With that being next week I do have some fun posts coming up that I am excited for! :) Today I am starting the holiday like nails and I am so excited! No I still don't have the new brushes but I do have winter nails today and a tutorial to get you ready for Christmas nails very soon!

The base color is Zoya Ling. It's a wonderfully creamy blue! Sometimes you get away with one coat depending on heavy of a hand you have! Haha!!

Here is a swatch photo! It is from a 2014 line. I really love it, and I tend to use it a lot come winter. I've noticed I actually have a lot of Zoya Blue polishes! I guess I have a thing for Zoya blue!

These nails are great because the way you do them the lines don't have to be perfect, snow isn't perfect, trees aren't perfect, so really it's great! You just make lines how ever you like and tada you have a perfect unperfect mani and that's perfect! ;) I just said Perfect way to many times, it's like I'm singing a song or something! Or maybe it's because I just heard perfect! Haha, either way, it was too many!

Last photo and now on to the tutorial!! Woohoo, check it out right down here....

Well I hope you liked the tutorial and enjoyed this mani and all! I know I did and I'm so ready to do many more holiday nails!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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