Woodland Animal: Bear

Hey there everyone! Hope you are having a good week. This week I feel like I am slacking for some reason, yet I'm not. I have been keeping things up and posting every day. However it all just feels off. Anyone else ever have weeks like that? Well moving on to the Woodland nails I have for you! So if you remember right last month I had about a weeks worth of woodland Inspired manis, and today's post is a continuation! :)

I'm not overly thrilled about how these came out but I still like them! I saw a super cute bear graphic on Pinterest and so I kind of took the shape of that one and created this! The base color is a new one to me! It's Urban Outfitters Jane. It's a really nice creamy 2 coater. I will have a swatch/ review up of it soon! :) I was going to include it here but this post is pretty heavy! ;)

The details were done with acrylic paint. I used grey to do tree outlines just to get a woodsy atmospheric background! It's super simple!

I did make a tutorial so let's take a look at that!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Please let me know what you all think! Also feel free to head over to my YouTube and leave a comment! I love hearing from you all! 

Happy Painting! 

~25 Sweetpeas 


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