Not Your Typical Christmas Colors

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Hey there everyone! So these past few days have been just pure crazy! I have been keeping up on here but I feel like I've been slacking everywhere else! So I'm trying to get back on my typical posting times! Hopefully today will be better than yesterday! So what do you all think of Olaf yesterday? I still really can't believe I pulled him off! Anywhooo moving on to today's post I have a swatch and some art! 

A few posts back I swatched Cherry Bean from the Pretty Woman Nude Collection and so I today have a new look with it plus more fun art. 

For this look I used Cherry Bean as the base and then the glitter is also a Pretty Woman Polish. It's just called Pink Splatter and well I am really liking it. I feel like the mix of bars and hexes is just really fun here, and surprisingly it was a great glitter to apply. Came out nice and evenly!

Now here is a new Swatch! This is a Gelogic polish from Pretty Woman it is named Deep Purple. It's a bit thicker but the pay off is just one coat! So long as you don't mind a thicker formula, you are set! It's really just a super nice purple too. 

I added a present bow and some fun glitter which I am holding here. It's called Black and Gold Splatter. It's a great fun glitter! The variation in size and all is nice and fun! I think it will be great for a New Years mani next week!

The bow was all done free handed, which was fun as always!

Well I hope y'all have a lovely day, and hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve! ;) Let me all know what y'all think of these untraditional colored Holiday Manis?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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