Pretty Woman Nude Collection Part 1

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Hello there guys! So today I have a review for you of part of the new Pretty Woman Nude Collection! Now let's get two of because I am sharing 2 today!

First up is German Chocolate. This was a 2 coater for those of you who do thin coats, and those of you how tend to do them thicker this is a one coater. I am typically a thicker coater, but I started on one nail thin just so I could see and then realized it would only be one coat if I did it my normal way. 

The Formula seems to be really nice and creamy like, which is nice for such a dark color. With dark colors I personally like to do as few coats as possible!

So for overall on this one I really liked it! It has a nice formula and I feel like it's a very universal color.

Next up we have 3 coats of Rum Raisin. First off I will say with this one I noticed a stronger polish scent. Now thinking about it, it could of just been due to the fact of the bottle was open more because of doing 3 coats. I talked with a few others that know this polish and they haven't noticed anything so really it may possibly be just me, but I always want to be 100% honest with you.

Formula wise the first and second coat were streaky. The 3rd coat finished it up but if you are a person who does them super thin then this will be 3+ coats for you.

Color wise I really like it! I feel like it's cream with a hint of yellow. It's a color that I feel will work in many skin tones.

Over all Rum Raisin is not my favorite formula wise but color wise I do really like it! Out of the two in this post German Chocolate would have to be my favorite. The formula was nice and I just liked it more.

Now both of these polishes are on sale now right here for those of you who are interested. Also right now there is Free Shipping on all orders on their site. Which is wonderful! I am not a fan of going to purchase something online and then having the shipping be more than the item you are getting so that is wonderful! :) Also to keep up with all things Pretty Woman Nail polish you can find them at all of the places below.


Hope you have all enjoyed this post and check back soon for part two plus some more fun polishes from Pretty Woman Polish! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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