Deco Miami Swatch & Review : Champagne Mami

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Hello there lovelies! Ah, so happy because YouTube finally behaved last night so today I do have a proper YouTube tutorial for ya! So I am super excited about that! Now by me saying that you guys already know that today I have more than just a swatch so let's get to another Deco Miami color!

Today I have 2 coats of Champagne Mami on which is a lovely bronze like color with a slightly hint of rose gold! It's really a lovely color with such a nice metallic finish too. Really loving it!

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With colors like this you can sometimes get a bit streaky but I had no such issues so that is super impressive.

Next up for ya I have some fun art I did with all of my Deco Miami Polishes. 

For this I used a Twinkled T Almaz Vinyl, and then did a gradation with Petite Palm, and Don't Call Me Baby Girl. You can watch it here....

Yay! So glad I got to upload a video! I really do love making videos! It's fun plus I know I love to watch nail videos so I hope I can make some videos that you would like to watch too!

These colors are just so fun too, and they work really well together in my opinion! Don't y'all think?

Well that is all for this post! Hope you all enjoyed all the pictures and the video! Also be sure to check out my YouTube Channel, most of the video go public there even before it comes out here!

Now if you are interested in checking out Deco Miami yourself you can here...


Hope you all enjoyed this post! Also if you missed yesterdays you can check it out here.

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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