Friday Favorite: Week 1

Hey there everyone, happy Friday! So today I am starting a new series called Friday Favorite. It will be a weekly thing and it could be many things! I hope to use my Friday Favorite to share some of my favorite polishes, tools, techniques, items and so on! I am pretty excited for it. I think it will be a fun thing to do and I hope you all I'll e joy it too! So let's get week 1 started!

Today my Friday Favorite is Zoya Oceane. I am in love with this color!! I just got it for Christmas and oh my it is beautiful! It's a gorgeous aquamarine color and sadly the camera makes it look like a cobalt blue. I am not to happy about it doing that! Yet I still can't get over this color, off camera, it's just amazing! ;)

Only 1 coat is needed too so that is great! I am sad to say that it did stain a bit up near cuticle area after I removed it. I was so bummed but I ended up just doing my full out nail routine and I used some cuticle remover and it helped. Not 100% better but much better! If you are wondering I used Sally Hansens Cuticls Remover. ;) 

So what do you all think of this? I really like even though that was a bit of staining! It's really just a beautiful color! 

Also just a heads up Zoya is doing their sale where you pick four polishes (excluding New Whispers Line and the Naked Line) and you just pay $15 for shipping and handling. It's a super great deal because most of the polishes are $9-$10 so if you were buyin 4 at those prices that would be up to $40! So pretty great deal! :) Just thought I would share! I think I may do it and get Cosmo. 

Hope you all have a great beginning to your weekend, I will talk to you all tomorrow with a new Swatch and some fun art! ;) I am really excited about tomorrow's post!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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