Friday Favorites : Week 3

Hey ya'll!! Happy Friday, which means it's time for a Friday Favorites post! This Friday I am sharing a go to type of nail art that I do when I am running low on ideas.  It's simple and quick and doesn't require much time! :) So let's take a look at Quatrefoil, and another swatch of a new Defy & Inspire polish from Target!

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This is two coats of Laguna Beach by Defy and Inspire. It has a super nice and easy to work with formula! Yesterday I share Bachelorette with y'all, and I truly love that polish! Both of these are just the perfect thickness, and easy to work with. The brush is a bit on the larger side too which makes it even quicker to apply.

In the bottle this one does appear to have a shimmer, but on I do not see it at all. To me I am ok with that because I love a good creme but I do know there are some who would be disappointed if they thought they were getting a shimmer. Also I would classify this as a periwinkle, and more on the blue side. Yet my mum thinks it's more lavender. That all being said,we all know how computer screens differ so this polish is one you will want to see in person before you decide to buy. :)

Now like I said, for my Friday Favorite,  this week I am feature a super easy go to design for when you are lacking ideas.  Which to me is Quatrefoil. All you need is two polishes and a dotter! You can change it up and have the little lines and in that case you would need a paint brush, and you could do with acrylic paints. So there are many options for this look but for a basic as it gets Quatrefoil all you would need is pictured above. Now let's see how to do this!

Hope you all liked that. I love this design just because it looks so much more complicated than it actually it. When you are done you feel like you really have accomplished something impressive!

I used Bachelorette as the pink, which means both polishes used in this look can be found in the Defy & Inspire line! :)

I added rhinestones that I have had for many years! I believe they are from RedCarpet Nails and can be found at Ulta. I got them for Christmas on one of the first years when I was becoming obsessed with nail polish.

Well I hope y'all enjoyed this post and these new polishes! I know I am enjoying these new polishes. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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