Bestie Twin Nails : Cheetah Hearts

Hey y'all! Welcome back, hope you had a nice weekend, and enjoyed half time last night! I mean the game?.... Nah, I actually meant half time! Haha, I mean Bruno was great am I right?! He needs new music out! Ok now I guess I shall get on to today's nails!

Today I have a fun bestie twin nail look with my friend Jessica of, mynailpolish_addiction IG , & Blog. She came up with this great idea for a heart cheetah print look and I am loving it! Plus guess what? I have a tutorial!!

For this look I used my favorite Red which is Serendipity Big Red Bow which is on sale for $5 right now, then the pink is Deco Miami Don't Call Me Baby Girl. The sparkly black is one coat of Zoya Imogen on top of one coat of Zoya Willa.

I used a dotter for all the art like y'all saw in the tutorial! I am really liking this look! I like the two dots on my pinkie and index! I know weird thing to like but it just adds a little something something! ;) 

Love how both of our nails turned out! Here is a look at mynailpolish_adicction nails solo and up close!

Fabulous right!? You can find her blog here, and IG here.

Well I hope y'all enjoyed this post and are having a nice Monday! If you have any Valentine's Day nail art request let me know, and let me know what y'all thought of these!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. Oooh I really love this - especially that heart cheetah! :)

    1. Yay! Thank you so much too! I was afraid it just looked like normal Cheetah!


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