Fashion Floral: Spring Look

Hey y'all!! Hope you are having a fabulous day, I am just super excited for this blog post! Which is unusual coming off a day like yesterday where I really liked the post! Sometimes after a post where you just really like it and are proud of it it's hard to top. If that makes sense!! Today however I have am super happy with my nails, which is good and bad because that probably means tomorrow is doomed! Haha I hope not! Well enough talk let's get to the fun part! ;)

Outfit Pic originally here.
Today's nails are inspired by this super cute spring outfit I saw on Pinterest when I was looking under the Rifle Paper Company. I love all of their prints they are just lovely! Plus I mean I love Florals so that helps too. Now since this is clothing inspired by a print I'm not sure if they are associated with it or not! However I just love it! Also I just looked up Rifle Paper Company and they are Florida based so now I like them even more! I have a soft spot for Florida companies. :)

The floral print was taken from the shirt which I now would love to have for spring! Then then stripes came from the skirt. Which if you I did the stripes free handed! Honestly I am really surprised I pulled it off! I mean they are not perfect by any means but I am super proud of how they turned out! They look like stripes not waves!! Woohooo!! I know silly but I feel like it's a big achievement. I used my Berry Wine brushes from Winstonia that I do highly suggest. I am so so so glad I bought those brushes. I do feel like they came with some super powers. If you are looking for good brushes they are what I would suggest! Literally they are the best brush purchase I have made. Just thought I would add that in. I know I would always be on IG and see amazing art and want to know about brushes people were using and so I wanted to share my favorite with y'all! 

All of the art was done with acrylic paint, some colors were straight out of an acrylic paint bottle, and others I mixed myself. For the flowers I did use a ticket brush from Twinkled T. I have had the brush for a few months now but just tried it a few weeks ago and so far I really like it. It's great for full coverage in the means of big flowers, dots, shapes, and or thick lines. Polish wise my white base is OPI Alpine Snow, and the Navy Base is Zoya Sailor. Both favorites basic colors of mine!

Ahhh, this is the last picture!! I really love these nails! A favorite of mine this year. I absolutely love doing florals, and I want to do many more, and more outfit inspired nails! I feel like it's a fun concept so I think I will try to do more. :) What do you all think? Also please let me know what you think of this look! Hope y'all have a fantastic rest of your day!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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