Tidal Wave Babe + Glitter

Hey y'all! Welcome back and to the start of a new week! I know a lot of you dread Monday's, so maybe some glitter will help! I took a break from floral's last night and came up with this glittering mess! Haha! Now let's get to the big pictures!

First up here is a swatch of Tidal Wave Babe by 25th & June. This is 3 coats, I would say you would be okay with just 2 though. I did a third just so I could see if the color would get any deeper or change the look at all. If it did anything I would say it helped level out a few streaky spots. Other than that nothing.

With that all being said you can probably guess that the polish is a bit thin and goes on thin as well.

Now here is the glittery mess. I used Color Club Sexy Siren and Serendipity Holo Day Lights . Then little details wise I used some Sally Hansen Studs and then a shell from the Born Pretty store.

So what do you all think!!?? Does the glitter help with the Monday Blues? I hope y'all enjoyed this at least, and I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading on your dreaded Monday! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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