Valentine's Day Lacey Tribal Nail Art

Hey y'all! Happy Friday, I hope yours is going well so far! I'm pretty excited for this post! Also I had a super hard time coming up with the name for the post but thanks to a few great IG friends I came up with it! Ha, i was just thinking too hard! Now wanna get to the nails? I do!

This looks was loosely inspired by a mani done by NailsByCambria last year. I loved the concept of it with the gradation and then some zentangle like art. Her's was more flowery and  flourishy! It was beautiful, but I wanted to make my own rendition!

For the gradation I used Emma Jean Sweet Love, Emma Jean So Naughty, and China Glaze Rich & Famous. I started the gradation with a white base and for that I used OPI Alpine Snow.

The art was free handed with acrylic paint, a Berry Wine Brush, and a Twinkled T Brush. Both are in multi packs so they don't have specific names. Then when I added in glitter I used Serendipity Holo-day Lights which has to be a new favorite glitter of mine!

So what do you all think?! I feel like these are super fun for Valentine's Day but I have now set my standard too high! Haha! It's like when you pull something off that you didn't think you could and then you just want to keep trying crazy things and then nothing works! Yep that's what I am afraid of! Can't wait to hear what y'all think of these!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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