Eyes 2 Nails : Summer Dreaming

Hey y'all! Welcome back to another Eyes 2 Nails installment! This week we have done with a super fun turquoise based look! I absolutely what Beauty by Kmad did! Also just to let y'all know 1998 Beauty is now Beauty by Kmad more on that next week! Really neat trust me! So now let's get to the details of this week!

So for this week I went for an abstract look! Haha, actually it started out as wanting to look like the turquoise stone but ya that didn't work out too well. Like I feel like it's just looks like abstract art. Which is ok in some reguards and can be fun but it wasn't my initial goal so I'm not thrilled about these, but at the same time I don't hate them either. So the base color is China Glaze UV Mean't To Be. Then the rest is acrylic paint.

Hey guys! This weeks look is perfect for summer because of the pop of color and the glitter. I love how the smokey eye is super glittery and when it catches the light it looks gorgeous!! Also if you really wanted to amp up this look even more you could add a black eyeshadow to the outer corner and smoke it out even more. That would be perfect for night time! I hope you guys enjoyed this look and I will see you guys next week! 

These are fun nails. You would do them with any color combo and honestly it would look really neat. A whole bunch of neons would be fun!

This look she created is so pretty and fun! I am really liking that lipstick too. It looks like a great neutral that would go with everything!

Well I hopes y'all e joyed this post. I know  the nails were a bit lacking but oh my that eye look is just perfection!!! So I think its time to see the makeup tutorial don't you?

Well I hope ya'll enjoyed this post! Let us know what you thought and what you would all like to see in upcoming weeks. :) Be sure to keep up with Beauty by Kmad at all the places below...


~ 25 Sweetpeas & 1998 Beauty


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