Monthly March Favorites

Hey y'all, so today is the last day of March?! Seems like just yesterday it was the last day of February. What is up with this, lol!! However since today is the last day it's time for a Monthly favorites post so let's get to it! :) I have a little bit of everything in this post actually! Ha, and when I was deciding what I could share for this month I came up too many ideas so I already know of some new things I got last week that will probably make it into next months post! 

First up for my Monthly faves we have a super versatile eyeshadow palette. This one is by Makeup Revolution and is called Redemption Eyeshadow Palette Iconic 2. It has a great mix of everyday colors and I am really loving it! I came across it when I was watching a makeup tutorial on YouTube and learned that this palette is actually a "dupe" for the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. From videos I saw it does look like it is, one video showed a eye look using it and then using the Naked 2 and each eye she did looked the same. However I do not have it to compare for you, but while I was at Ulta I went and held them side by side and they sure looked alike. They have other versions of the palette too that I will probably end up wanting to try as well especially since they are such a reasonable price. They all seem to be well pigmented and wear nicely. I haven't had much fallout either which is great. Oh and I've finally been able to pull off a smokey eye! Haha!! Now as to where you can get it.... I got mine at Ulta and it was $7 which is an amazing price! I am so so glad I like it because the price is so affordable. So if you want something like the Naked 2 palette but you don't want to spend that much I would suggest trying this. :)

Up next we have my new Makeup bff! Haha!! This is a Matte fixing powder by Essences, and I love it so much. I got it for Christmas and I have pretty much used it everyday since. I pretty much use it as a settin powder. I use a big kabuki brush and apply it all over after my foundation. It really completes a look in my opinion. :) This can be found at Ulta and or Target typically with a price range of $3 - $4 I think! I personally would suggest getting it Ulta because it is less there and hey if you get up to $10 then you can use a $3.50 off and it's almost free! Can't beat bargain shopping right! ;) 

Ahhh, and now my new favorite go to lip color, Lyin King by ColourPop. I recently finally decided to try a liquid lip. I had been wanting too for the longest time but was hesitant for some reason and then I decided I needed a new Spring color since most of my lipsticks are dark. So I got this one for Spring Break and I love it! This one in particular is an Ultra Satin Lip which is fairly new in the Colourpop world  but I already love it. It's super pigmented and has GREAT wear. Literally it lasts all day! A little too tho, lip liner is a must for this one in my opinion! Just makes it look so clean. Now it is called a Satin which isn't shiny yet it's not matte persay either. I would say it is more of a in between  finish which I like. It's not drying, yet I will have to say it does leave a bit of a stain. Also one drawback I have noticed is that if you kiss something, use a straw, etc it will leave a mark! Ha, when we come home after anything our puppy, Dixie, will try and attack us with kisses and I will have to quickly rush to wash it off before the puppy kissing attack! ;) Otherwise she would have a very pink mouth. As for where you can get this... Colourpops site and it is $6.

My last favorite for this month is a beautiful polish that I used weekly called Holo-day Lights by Serendipity Nail Polish. I'm sure you all know this polish by now because I use it so often!! I mean it was the star of yesterday's post here. So why not use it again today right?! Anyway, it's just like the perfect holo glitter! You can build it up, wear as a Topper, or just what ever tickles your fancy because it's gorgeous any way you want it! :D Plus it's easy to remove which that alone deserves a happy dance right?! 

Today I am wearing it over OPI Silver Canvas. The accent floral nail was an experiment with rubbing alcohol and sharpies on top of a white acrylic painted floral on top of Zoya Willa. It's didn't work exactly like I was wanting but it worked well enough to the point I like them. :) Then the rest of the nails just have 2 coats of China Glaze Shocking Pink. Overall I am really liking this look! It's fresh and new.

Well guys that's all for today! Hope you have enjoyed today's post maybe even found thing new you want to try! Let me know what you thought of this post below and if you have any new favorites from this month let me know those maybe I will find some new things to try.

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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