China Glaze Lite Brites : Bite Me

Hey y'all! Today for y'all I finally have a swatch from the new China Glazes from the Lite Brite line. It took a wild goose chase to get a few it seemed but I finally got my hands on two! I can already tell you I am so loving this one! Now let's get into pictures!!!

First up here is your traditional swatch photo with just one coat of Bite Me! I am amazed honestly. I was expecting 2 coats just from experience with China Glaze and 2 would of been just fine for this beauty but it shocked me and only needed one! It dried fairly quick too. You can tell when it's dry too because it dries with a semi matte finish! Which honestly I don't mind if it's matte or shiny because I always use a shiny top coat!

Here I tried to get the lovely shimmer to show however this color freaks out my camera a bit! Like in real life the color is more corally and the shimmer shows. So if this is is appearing reddish or really hot pink know that that's a bit in the cameras fault and the differences in settings of our varying computer screens.

I am already thinking this is going to be a new favorite! Especially for summer time, although honestly I wear neon nails all year no matter the season!

Here I feel like you can see the shimmer more so than in other pics! So as I mentioned earlier these were super hard to find and still I have only picked up 2, and still want more. I typically don't mind ordering online but I really didn't want to have to wait for them to arrive and I saw them in the new Ulta ad and saw they were going to be on sale. So I thought oh why not go get them there! After trying 3 different Ultas, no luck. Which I don't understand... Why advertise a product on a special sale in your ad if your not going to have the item while it's on sale. To me that is bad advertising. Hopefully they start to step up their game! I ended up finding the 2 I got at a Sally's Beauty Supply. They didn't have many to choose from. Pretty much this one, another shimmer one and then 2 cremes. Apparently they had a mini set but both stores that I check said they only ever even got one to put out and those were gone. All of that my biggest suggestion to all of you is if you are wanting any just order them from HB Beauty Bar. They have all of them and they cost less, and their customer service is wonderful!

Well I hope y'all have enjoyed this post and hopefully love this color as much as I do!! If you know of any good tips to actually finding these in stores please share in the comments! It's crazy how hard these are to track down! Anywhoooo hope y'all have a lovely day and I will see y'all back here tomorrow!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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