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Hey y'all, welcome back! Today for you I am reviewing some nail art pens by Be Me Nail Art Pens. So for all the info read on! :)

First I would like to give my over all thoughts about working with them. So above we have a picture of the pens/polishes in their packaging, which looks nice. Now they are not only nail art pens but they also have the option for you to use them as a nail polish because they have dual tops. My that I mean if you pull off the cap you get a little pen like tool and when you squeeze the bottle the polish is supposed to come out. Now if you have that lid on you can unscrew that full top and use that as your polish wand. Which is a great idea. I had one similar to this years ago and like it. Now as for these they are a bit hit or miss. Sadly more on the miss side. The creme polishes being used as a polish was really nice. Now being used as a dotter eh, not my favorite. The bottles are really hard to squeeze and it seems when you finally get it going too much spews out. Therefore you aren't getting a consistent dot or what ever you may be doing which y'all will see in up coming photos. The shimmery polishes were super thick and actually chunky. I was not a fan at all on, I personally don't think they are worth anyone's time just because they don't dry nicely. So up next I am going to share a few swatches and a few art looks. I would of done more art with more diverse colors however there were 5 that I could not get the nail art pen lids off for me to even use. 

First up here is 2 coats of a pretty shimmery frosty blue. I was really liking this color in the bottle. On though I did not. It didn't want to dry. Also application was not fun or easy at all. I was getting big chunks of hardened polish from in side of the bottle. That was not so fun to work around. So yes the color is pretty, but the formula and not drying isn't worth it.

Here we have a lovely creme pink. I really love the intensity of this pink in my photos it's gorgeous! I feel like it's pretty in picture than in person though. In person it's a bit lighter than what y'all are seeing.its formula was nice and this only needed 2 coats.

Next we have the same pink but topped with some art. For the art I used the nail art pens. This look was simple to do however, when I was done my other hand was super tired of squeezing the bottle to get the detail polishes out. Then when they did come out they didn't come out consistently which makes the design inconsistent. Not cool. All of that aside I was happy with the look I came up with I just know it could of been easier.

Next up we have a super fun bright mint green and I love it!! It's really pretty, took 2 coats, and was still a bit streaky but the color is just lovely and screams summer! 

I decided to try and add some dots using one of the nail art pens on top. You can easily see how the dots are not consistent due to the polish not coming out of the pen consistent. Also with that they you have your dots standing much above the nail and then with that top coat can cause it to drag. Which I think y'all can see in the photo above.

Over all these actually had a few nice polishes. As for the pen part it's not fabulous but it is better than those pens that require putting pressure on your nails. :) If you are interested in these they can be found on sites such as: Amazon, Target, WalMart, Kmart, and MyQuestStore. 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 

  I would not recommend these for little kids even though they may be sold in that part of a beauty section. With the longer dry times that won't be a good thing for little ones who won't sit and wait for them to dry. Also they most likely wouldn't be able use the nail art pen part because it is challenging to squeeze.


  1. Great review, Sarah! The colors you were able to swatch were very pretty. Long drying times are always a deal breaker! If they fixed the shimmery formulas and made the bottles easier to use I think this would have been a great idea! Thanks for the in depth review!

    1. Yes I would agree. The idea and concept are great, and I have used a similar product years ago that was use able, however I'm not sure what happened to them. They seemed to of disappeared. So I totally think with some work these would be great! I could see it being great for beginners with a few tweaks. Thanks so much for reading and giving me your feed back! much appreciated. :)

  2. Great review! I like that you wrote your honest experience

    1. Thank you! I always try to find the bright sides especially when things aren't so favorable! :)

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