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Hello there, and Happy Friday! :) So today is finally the day when the new Takko Lacquer Polishes will be coming out on Pre-order. So today I gonna give ya'll super easy access to all of the reviews and swatch photos so you can make your list and have a game plan for the pre-order. 

First off if you haven't ever tried a Takko Lacquer, well then the time is now because this line is amazing. I am seriously in love with all of them. So the ones in the top of the photo are the ones that are going to be what one could consider "seasonal" just because they won't always be available. Now the cremes and the toppers are planned to be a staple line meaning with each restock those should be available. Which is new for Takko and so amazing because they are such great quality. Next up I am going to go through the colors from left to right, give a few details, and a link to the review.

Row 1
Grape Juice - 2 Coats - Review
Cactus Rose - 2 Coats - Review
Druzy Quartz - 2 Coats - Review
Star Crossed - 2 Coats - Review

Row 2
Rose Quartz - 2 Coats - Review
Vice - 1 Coat - Review
Iconoclastic - 1 Coat - Review
Dances with Unicorns - Topper - Review

Row 3
Irezumi - 1 Coat - Review
Sakura - 2 Coats + Opal Dust LE - Topper - Review
Guava - 2 Coats - Review
Tea & Cakes - 1 Coat - Review

Row 4
18K White Gold - Topper - Review
Ask Alice - 1 Coat - Review
So Fresh, So Clean - 1 Coat - Review

So before the release I do have one more look using some of the new polishes and I am super happy with how happy they turned out. :) The pink is Sakura which is just gorgeous, the white is Vice, and the mint is So Fresh So Clean. The flowers are a mix of Sakura, and acrylic paint.The leaves are acrylic paint, but the dots are So Fresh, So Clean.

I am really happy with how these turned out and I hope ya'll like these as much as I do. :) All USA shoppers can pick these up on TONIGHT at 8:30 PM EST. :) This time the release is going to be a bit different so hopefully everyone can get what they want! Here is what Sheryl has said about the release! :)

We are going to do a 1 hr Pre-order at 8:30 PM ET (NYC time) 
That means you will have an hour to order what you want from the collection 💕 We will then launch the collection for those who weren't able to order during the preorder. We will also have a restock with our stockist after.

  Now here is all you will need to keep up with all things Takko Lacquer....


Hope ya'll have found this post helpful, and I am so excited for these to come out because I do really think you all will love ALL of these. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


These are being released on July 8th at 8:30pm EST .
All of the above links and such still take you to the correct places. :) If you have any questions let me know and I will do the best I can to help you out! :)

~25 Sweetpeas


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