Tiger Print

Press Sample 

Hello there loves! Hope you are having a nice day! I've been enjoying some super nice weather yesterday and today. Now only if I could find some beach time! Oh well! So ready for today's nails? I did a bit of a Tiger print.

For this look I used 2 INM polishes. The nude is Exposed, the orange is Feel Da Funk, and then the bar sparkles are Funkadelic. Those names are just fun! :) each of these polishes had nice formulas and what you are seeing in the pictures is just 2 coats of each. :) I wanted to do something more unique with these colors but I slept on my neck funny and it's hurt for the past day and makes having my head in certain positions very hard. Hoping maybe I will sleep it back to the way it should be. Which I realize how silly that sounds but really that can help!

The black details were just free handed and done with acrylic paint. :) Super easy look and fun! I could see it being fun to wear to the zoo. :) Well y'all that's all for today's post I know it was lacking photos so I'm sorry about that. Will have more next time!! 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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