4th of July Popsicle Nails + Tutorial

Hey y'all and welcome back to another day of patriotic nails because I am having so so much fun with them! :) Today I have a patriotic Popsicle on my nail!

So first I will go over the colors!! The white is INM White Porcelain, the red is Serendipity Big Red Bow, and the blue is Serendipity Vitamin Sea. :) Bow on the gradation I had a hard time with the red and white next to each other. They wanted to become pink! :-/ However I kinda fixed it by using white acrylic paint in place of the white polish on that part. Then the sparkles are China Glaze Ringin in the Red.

So since these are Popsicles and all I have to talk about my favorite Popsicle place! In St. Augustine, Florida there is a place called Hyppo Popsicles and oh my they are THE BEST!! I have tried I think a total of 4 flavors but I have to say my favorite one ever is the Peanut Butter one because it's like eatting a piece of rich peanut butter pie on a stick! It's just amazing! So if you ever find your self in the St Augustine/ Jacksonville area and in need of a place for a good cold treat, look up Hyppos Popsicles! They have a few different locations! :) Right now I really wish I had a pic to share of what they look like but honestly, soon as it's in my possession it hard to not start eating it right away! ;) Well enough about that and on to the tutorial!

I drew the Popsicle shape on my nail before the video just because the way I was hold my hand wouldn't of worked for filming! ;) Overall it's a pretty easy look! Plus super festive!

Well I hope y'all have enjoyed this post! For any ideas you have of what you would like to see next let me know in the comments below! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. So cute! I love all your ideas. Thanks for sharing.
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