Music & Nails

Hey y'all, how are we doing? It's been an off week thus far for painting so last night I went simple because I wasn't feeling so great. However I went simple yet meaningful. Today my nails revolve around music, because if you have ever read my blog or know me via social media or in the real world you probably know I have a love for music.

First up I will tell you what I used and then talk about why I did music I today. The light lavender is Urban Outfitters Babe and the deep holo purple is Pretty Beautiful Is my Tongue Purple Yet? The details that are black are just acrylic paint.

So I did music notes because I just love music and I honestly don't know what I would do with out music! Like at the moment I'm listening to music. This very second its a drum solo in Before You Exits Some Nights Cover. I just love the power of music. It can take you to another little world and make you happy or just help you through something or see things differently and I think that is just amazing. Something as little as a song can do so much! 

I have so many favorite artists and I wish I shared more of my top faves on here so I think maybe later this month I will once again make a list of my top favorites at the moment and share that with you guys! I did that last summer and had a lot of fun. So what do y'all think of that idea? Well I hope y'all have enjoyed this post, and I'm sorry it's been so short tomorrow's will be fun! ;) Gonna have a nail friend in tomorrow's post! ;)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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