Shery' Nail Lacquer : Lille

Press Sample

Hey y'all! So I think it's time I start with the patriotic nails! I don't know why, but for some reason I really enjoy 4th of July manis, plus I was thinking... If I wait for July to start them that would literally only give me 4 days to do anything. That all being said I am gonna go ahead and start sharing some! 

This is 2 coats of Shery' Lille. It's a pretty nice white. Formula wise it was easy to use. One coat only had a few little patchy spots depending one what design you were going to be doing on top you could get away with one coat but I am going to have most of the white seen so I needed it fully white so I did 2 cots.

I did a fun arrow design I saw on Instagram done by Doonielle. Here's were so cute, and I've always wanted to do an arrow design like these! I did change the color scheme to make mine patriotic though!

They were really simple and have a fun 4th of July vibe to them! I think I may have to do this design sometime with darker colors and turn it into a Green Arrow mani. Everything I have typed the word Arrow in this post I have though of the TV show, and Oliver Queen and Felicity! Haha, my brother will be proud of me if he reads this and sees me referencing one of his favorite shows. ;) well I hope y'all have enjoyed this post! I will see y'all back here tomorrow!  On there site HERE you can sign up for emails that will let you know when the polish will be out! Plus you can follow them on the following platforms to keep up to date! ;)


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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