Turquoise & Silver Dots

Hey y'all! Hope your having a nice day! So today for y'all I have some simple dotted nails for you! Also I know all my nail art has been pretty simple lately but these have all been done way in advance because I've been out of town and had to do lots ahead of time. So this is all I've actually had on since last Tuesday night!

The turquoise is ILNP Harbour Island, the silver is SpaRitual Charleston, and the white is OPI Alpine Snow. For the dots I used 2 different dotter sizes. It's a pretty easy look! I'm not really sure how long I will want to keep it on but I will have it on for about 7 days! 

That's it for this post! I'm sorry it was super shot, but tomorrow I will hopefully get back into detailed art because I will be home! Yay!! Well I hope you enjoyed this post! I will see y'all later!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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