Floral Anchor

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Hey y'all! So today I have remade a mani that has been redone a billion times and has become quite a legendary mani. :) So let's talk about it!!

Celine Does Nails via Instagram created an anchor floral mani a few years ago that went viral in the nail blogging world. Everyone was recreating them, and still are. I loved them so so much, and didn't think I could do them. She has two versions of them. Black and white , and coral and white. Since the black and white version has been recreated so often I thought I would recreate the coral and white one!😊 The white polish I used is INM White Porcelain and the coral is Posh Nail Color Beach Volleyball.

These were pretty fun to do and not nearly as daunting I was expecting. I now kind of want to now do the black and white version too. What do you think? Should I?

Overall I'm really liking these! They were fun to do and fun to wear! It's mixing my nautical theme with a floral theme which I'm loving! Well I hope y'all liked these, and I hope you are having a nice weekend. 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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