Watermarble Cheetah Print

Hey y'all, hope you are having a nice day!  Today's post is going to be dedicated to anyone who has ever tried a Watermarble and failed. Then was discouraged and just wanted to be done, and start fresh again another time. So if that has ever been you check out the rest of this post to see how I made a failed water marble work!

I started out these nails with a white base  and decided to water marble 3 Takkitos! I used Takko Lacquer Sakura, So Fresh So Clean, and Ask Alice. They were spreading in the water perfectly and really  it looked like there was potential for it to be the best one ever, now if only hadn't been for the way I tried to drag it. That's where it all went wrong. So since it was so messed up, I did a cheetah print on top!

Then for the accent nails I used Zoya Willa. Then some silver stones I've had forever it seems! So over all this failure of a water marble turned out to not be so bad! Also remember the ice cream nails? Well yesterday while wearing them we went out for ice cream!

We tried a new to us place and it was amazing! I had a peanut butter dipped come and it was fabulous! Plus it looked good with my nails!

Well that's it for today's post! I hope y'all liked it, and I hope that maybe next time when your having water marble troubles you can put a cheetah print on it! :) Anyone have any fun plans for this nice summer day?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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