Dream Catcher & Mandela

Hey y'all! So I feel like it's been a while since I've had a chatty post so I thought today could kind of be one of those with this fun art inspired by a fave artist of mine!

This fun mix matched look was inspired by PaulinasPassions who has a gorgeous blog and her nails are just perfection! I changed up the color combo but the layout and design came from a cute mani she did! :) The coral color is one of my faves by Takko Lacquer called Afternoon Delight. It has a nice shower and is a one coater!! Always just a happy color to wear. The blue is Takko Lacquer Ask Alice, and the white is Takko Lacquer Vice. The silver is OPI Silver Canvas and the sparkle on top is Takko Lacquer Dances with Unicorns. The black is acrylic paint as is the silver!

I am liking them, they are just fun and I love this color combo! It's happy, and actually it matches my room colors haha!! I guess I really do like these colors! So I think I've mentioned in another post that besides nail art I really enjoy writing! This summer I've been working on a story that I am really liking and it's different from anything I've written before so it's been fun! After a lot of thought, I've decided I am actually going to publish it on Wattpad, and share it! Now I'm not sure how soon. I am still workin on it so I have to decided if I want to post it as I go or if I want to save it all up and the share. Last night I actually worked on the cover, and transferring some of the chapters to the computer. When I write, I start with pen and paper and then type it all up. :) I love pens and paper so that will always be part of my routine I think!

Fun fact, after last night searching for inspiration I became obsessed with a certain style or art. It's like a mix of a water color with a drawn sketch feel! Seriously I really wish I could pull it off on a canvas but I'm doubting myself! However if I do try it I will share it with ya! If you scroll all the way down this page y'all can see my Pinterest and you can see what all I pinned! Well that's it for today, hope y'all have like led today post and I hope you are having a wonderful day! See y'all back here tomorrow!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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